Baviaans West Guesthouse

Elmarine encourages visitors to ‘come and enjoy the traditional South African hospitality of this Little Karoo farming community. Experience old-fashioned accommodation and delicious country cooking. Enjoy fresh bread and percolated coffee the South African way.’

The guesthouse is on a working farm.  Shearing season is at the end of January and October, and lambing season is from June to August (for the Merinos), or from September to October (for the Angoras).  Visitors can also assist with the ostrich farming; the season lasts from September until March. Breeding pairs with chicks can be observed at close range. Chicks and young birds can be handled with safety.  Harvesting time is from the end of November till December.

Hiking trips can be arranged to view the proteas and rock art sites.

Elmarine is widely known for her hospitality, and this unique, exceptional guesthouse is recommended for those wanting to experience and appreciate the people, the culture and the animals of the area.

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