How We Work

Since 1995 Open Africa has developed a refined a systemised model for developing routes that link existing community-based tourism businesses (e.g. accommodation providers, tour guides, local artisans) into off-the-beaten track, self-drive routes, clustering travel attractions in an area for travellers to explore.

Open Africa helps routes with the identification of income generating projects, developing business concepts, product development and branding. Management capacity of entrepreneurs is enhanced through training workshops and mentorship programmes using specialised partners as needed. Training varies per project but can include the development of technical, entrepreneurial and life skills.

A unique feature of the Open Africa model is the creation of linkages for participating enterprises to access markets using Open Africa routes as platforms. Open Africa markets routes by showcasing their varied attractions on the Open Africa website and through other marketing initiatives. Progress along the routes and the participating enterprises are tracked through a monitoring and evaluation system to ensure real impact is achieved.