Cape Care Route


The City of Cape Town initiated the development of this Afrikatourism route that offers visitors a different experience of the city, in that it focuses on sustainable development issues. More and more, tourists are showing interest in seeing how people work and live, and also how they interact with their environment. The Cape Care Route will fascinate tourists interested in seeing ‘behind the scenes’ of life, from an environmental and social point of view.

In a nutshell, a visitor to the Cape Care Route will learn how communities are building their own houses, growing food for themselves and their families and developing skills to turn waste materials into contemporary arts and crafts. Projects that are aimed at rehabilitating degraded natural systems, as well as those that demonstrate how ecological systems are being protected, can also be visited.

The route also includes upmarket tourist facilities to observe how they are reducing their consumption of resources and working with poorer communities in their areas. An important focus of the route is on projects that show how partnerships between business, government and communities are helping to protect the rich natural resources of Cape Town and provide healthier and cleaner living environments in poor communities. Above all, the route demonstrates the link between people and the environment, and the range of projects that are included will challenge visitors to view the relationship between humankind and the surrounding environment differently.

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