Bezalel Wine & Brandy Estate

Bezalel Wine & Brandy Estate is an undiscovered gem in the Lower Orange River Valley of the Northern Cape. Our small, if lofty, daily mission is to make South Africans proud of their great culture, specifically its wines and brandies, and secondly, to make those who don’t live here feel welcome… and a tad envious of the great things we have! We do this by always focusing on quality, authenticity of origin, hospitality and family. When we nourish our culture we also act sustainably by invigorating local agriculture. This has the unspoken consequence of preserving our green and historical spaces, all the while adding richness to our Northern Cape story – and our dinner table.

Bezalel Wine and Brandy Estate’s Dyasonsklip Cellar produces quality boutique wines through dedication and true enthusiasm for our products.

Wine production on Dyasonsklip started as a personal hobby of Inus Bezuidenhout, which grew alongside his own passion, until finally becoming a full blown production wing in 1997.

Dyasonsklip Cellar now produces a varying selection of fine boutique wines from a range of 17 unique grape cultivars grown on the Estate.

Handmade, low-tannin, red wines fermented from grapes grown exclusively on Bezalel Dyasonsklip and matured in imported French Oak is now available from the Estate.

Lauren’s Kitchen:

Jams and marmalades:

Lauren creates all sorts of jams and marmalades for your enjoyment. Some of the most popular include Raisin Jam, Red Onion and Balsamic Marmalade and Wild Fig Sauces.

Rusks and biscuits:

Delicious home-,made rusks with an assortment of ingredients is freshly prepared each week. Come and enjoy some Peanut butter cookies with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in front of the fire place or outside on the stoep.

Mouth Watering Cakes:

Custom made Elegant, delicious cakes & cupcakes for any occasion! Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays or Tea Time Treats.

2010 Pinotage Boutique Reds:


The 2010 Bezalel Estate – Merlot was made from handpicked, Orange River Merlot grapes, which is a close cousin to Cabernet Sauvignon in many respects.  It is lower in tannins and makes wines that mature faster and are softer in texture. This year’s Merlot is dry, rich in flavour and smooth as it finishes in your throat.

Cabernet Sauvignon:

Made from small dark thick skinned Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, producing a smooth, yet tannic, single varietal dry red wine with blackberry and green pepper undertones. Matured, for 12 months, in Limousine Oak.


Dark and powerful, reminiscent of the Continent it comes from. A truly South African grape, grown in the sun kissed Green Kalahari. Bezalel Estate’s 2010 Pinotage is rich and savoury, with a spicy palate and an oaky edge. The dusty tannins are highlighted by moderate acidity.

Secret Dry Red:

Bezalel Estate’s original blend: an adventurous mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. Offering a more youthful approach to red wine. The Merlot component adds bright fruit qualities, while the Cabernet tops it with richer earthy tones and ‘bursts‘ of tannin. Rounded off with late harvest Pinot Noir, introducing a touch of sweetness in the aftertaste. The resulting blend is an exquisite array of full textures with wonderful fruit highlights.

We age our Secret Dry Red for up to 11 months in imported French Oak barrels, and bottle the final blend as young-drinking red wine. Even though its heritage lends to a full bottle aging potential, it is a wonderful wine while served young, slightly below room temperature.

Crisp Whites:


A medium-to-full-bodied crisp white with rich apple, citrus, and tropical fruit aromas and flavours.


Bouquet filled with guava and fresh tropical tones. Pleasant fruity palate.

Vintage Fortifieds:

Orange River wines, fortified with Bezalel Estate’s superb Potstill Brandy, aged in wood and enjoyed around many a winter fire.

Northern Cape Ruby Port:

A traditional Ruby style Port made from the Estate’s sunbathed Touriga Francesa, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Barroca grapes, fortified with our 5 year old alembic style brandy, with a smooth, savoury and sweet character. Aged for two years in French Oak barrels.

Bezalel Wine and Brandy Estate’s Distillery is proud to partake in a process which has been part of the South African society and culture since the arrival of the early European settlers at the Cape in 1652.

Distillation is a remarkable, rewarding journey that begins with a simple, beautiful fruit and ends with a drink of distinctive character and exceptional quality.

Bezalel Estate’s Pure V.S.O.P. Alembic Brandy:

Pure V.S.O.P. Estate Alembic BrandyOur single barrel, pot-stilled Brandy is made exclusively from our own Colombard grapes, as well as the last bit of Cabernet Sauvignon, Touriga Francesa, -Nacional and Gewürztraminer press-juice; which offers a unique base wine, combining a crisp fruity white wine with more robust red wine tannins and flavours.

From this base wine we distil our pot-still brandy, using the perfected techniques from Cognac, France. This alembic distilling method keeps the essence of the initial wine, losing little of its pleasant, much sought-after aromas. We use the double distillation method which has been in existence since the sixteenth century.

The slow and natural ageing in French Oak barrels, for a minimum of five years, develops the original spicy, fruity and woody aromas of Bezalel Pure Alembic Brandy. Evaporation, commonly referred to as the Angel’s Share, concentrates these flavours even further, perfecting its final bouquet.

After ageing, the brandy is blended to a particular pattern, which is the secret of its composition.

Mampoer & Traditional Witblits:

Bezalel Estate’s Distillery offers a rather adventurous Mampoer range, which includes a wicked Prickly Pear flavour, bottled at 80% alcohol content. No surprise that this clear fluid tends to be a match for most men.

Our Peach flavour seems to be a favourite amongst the ladies, with its mild 60% alcohol content and lovely dried peach bouquet.

The Lime Mampoer with a tantalising 65% alcohol content will put any student in his place.

And our range is complete with a healing Carrot flavour. With its 50% alcohol content, it is suitable to be taken every night just before bedtime… to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

We also produce a unique Witblits, distilled from the last press juice of red and white grapes. Offering a raw, unaged wine spirit, which stays true to its grape flavour and character.


Heavenly Chocolate LiqueurBezalel Wine and Brandy Estate’s always popular liqueurs are currently available in four exquisite flavours:

Heavenly Chocolate Liqueur – with a dash of Bezalel Brandy, representing the harshness of the Kalahari Desert, successfully tamed by a creamy, chocolaty richness, reminiscent of the cool, Orange River current – a true fusion of opposites, from the land of contrasts.

Dark Cape Coffee Liqueur – The modern day equivalent of the infamous “Kalahari Broffee” – an infusion of the darkest, aromatic Cape coffee with genuine pot-stilled Brandy.

Double Cream Coffee Liqueur – Rich, fragrant coffee, swirled into a double of dose of luxuriously velvety cream and condensed milk.

Honey Sweet Date Liqueur – Made from the sweetest, sun bathed Orange River dates. This rather unique product offers a fleeting glimpse into the sweet soul of the Green Kalahari.

Tourist activities:

Stop by during business hours and experience legendary Green Kalahari hospitality… We are open on Monday through to Friday – from 8:30 until 17:00 and on Saturday till 13:00.

Cellar Tours:

If you come out to the Estate, look out for Martiens or Inus Bezuidenhout, as they’ll treat you to a free, guided tour of the facilities. Allow them to explain the ancient art of distillation in an easy to understand and informative manner. Learn how boutique wines are made and see firsthand what makes our pure pot-stilled Brandy so special.

Wine & Brandy Tasting:

Visit our Tasting Room to experience the full range of Bezalel Estate’s products. Treat your palette to a tasting sensation, including the finest Brandy, vintage Ports, young Reds, (literally) breathtaking Mampoers and simply delicious liqueurs.

Tastings are charged at R15 per person for the entire range and booking is essential for groups larger than 10 people.

Seasonal Tours:

Pop in during Harvesting Season (Dec – March) for a seasonal tour, which includes a tour of the Wine Cellar and Distillery in full operation, as well as a walk around the grounds, highlighting some of the Estate’s other production wings, such as Raisin production and Date harvesting.

Picnics and group lunches:

Call ahead to book a custom picnic basket or group lunch for you and your companions. Allow the Estate’s chef to treat you with delicious foods to accompany our wines or enjoy a full blown three course meal.

*Please note: Booking is essential.


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