Canyon Roadhouse

Exhausted from some serious gravel travel? Ready for a cold beer, a hearty meal and a good night’s rest before or after exploring the Fish River Canyon? The Canyon Roadhouse welcomes you, and celebrates the “good old times” of the automobile with its zany décor. This Roadhouse is situated in the spectacular Gondwana Cañon Park.

The Roadhouse offers:

  • Nine double en-suite rooms;
  • Six private campsites;
  • An à la carte restaurant and bar;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Curio shop; and
  • A comprehensive information centre.

Activities in the Gondwana Cañon Park:

  • Scenic nature drives;
  • Splendid walking trails;
  • Horse-riding; and
  • Flights over the Canyon.

Gondwana Cañon Park:

The Nama Karoo is typified by the brilliant yellow flowers of quiver trees against the blue sky at the second largest canyon on earth. The quiver tree is an aloe, and a typical stem succulent of the Nama Karoo. On the vast plains of Gondwana Cañon Park several clusters of these strange plants can be found. With an area of 1 120km², this park is the largest nature reserve of the Gondwana Desert Collection. The first piece of land was acquired in 1995, also making it the oldest of these reserves. Here, you may watch springbok, gemsbok, hartebeest, mountain zebra and ostrich; discover the  “Sundowner Bar” in a wall of rock; and visit the main viewing point at the Fish River Canyon only 20km away.


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