Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project

This unique project highlights an important part of South African history – that of the San/Bushmen. Tourists and school children learn to respect and understand the San way of life, art and language by visiting the Living Landscape Centre and participating in rock art tours. The centre’s workshop and shop at 18 Park Street, Clanwilliam, has crafts produced on the San theme of history and archaeology, traditional methods of production, use of authentic materials and natural objects.

Rock art tours can be arranged from the centre. The community guides are trained by professional research archaeologists from the University of Cape Town with decades of experience of local rock paintings and stone age archaeology. The rock art sites visited during the tours are close to Clanwilliam.

Alongside the Centre is a backpackers’ facility. Books by John Parkington about the project and the rock art are on sale.

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