Coral Stephens Handweaving

Coral Stephens Handweaving began in 1949 in Piggs Peak. Specialising in hand-woven mohair, wool and silk home décor, curtains, carpets and blankets form their main range and although their market is mainly direct to South Africa and international decorators, their shop and studio are available to visit and for tours.

Coral Stephens Handweaving has developed a wider range incorporating raffia, cotton, twine and rag cotton to produce modern and innovative fabrics. The fabrics appeal to those who enjoy texture, quality and a unique last and feel. In the past, they have fulfilled commissions for the Sandton Convention Centre, the Palace Hotel and exhibited at the Louvre. In 2001 they were awarded the Conde Nast House and Garden Best Fabric award.

Coral Stephens Handweaving employs 45 women from the surrounding area. All develop skills essential to good weaving and are encouraged to progress to master weavers. Younger women begin learning hand spinning – an important skill – and something that many women are able to do at their homes.

The weaving studio is available to visit. Please phone and book in advance, to ensure that there are sufficient staff to show tourists around. The fabrics have a very special feel about them. Visitors enjoy seeing the production cycle (which includes dyeing) and recognise the important contribution this business makes to the area.

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