De Uijlenes

De Uijlenes provides accommodation to groups and individuals, ideal for church or school groups and workshops. The farm also offers tractor rides in the Fynbos environment and opportunities to explore the outdoors. De Uijlenes is still a working farm with a variety of farm animals, providing a peaceful rural atmosphere.

On De Uijlenes there are two houses – one can take up to 80 guests and the other up to 50. Each house is located next to a dam, with a ‘foofie’ slide, boats and a swimming place. An open field provides a lovely space for sports. There are also plenty of hiking trails in the surrounding area and even pools filled with mud, for a proper mud bath or ‘kleilat gooi’ (a game where pieces of clay are shot through the air with a reed).

The houses are fully equipped except for bedding and food. Meals are prepared on request.

For those who are interested in history – the original house is approximately 150 years old and is built out of ‘koffieklip’ (coffee stone) or Ferricrete.

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