Die Kraaltjie Boerdery

This farm gives visitors the chance to visit and observe farm animals.

The following is also for sale:

  • Quail eggs;
  • Quail meat;
  • Guinea-fowl meat and feathers;
  • Boer’ Gats; and
  • Honey.

There is also an information desk at the farm stall and Kraaltjie reception.

The farm started its activities six years ago, and first had only quails and guinea fowl. Stéfan had completed a bee-farming course under the guidance of John Moodie of the Honeywood Farm in Heidelberg (who is a participant on the Xairu Blue Crane Route).

Bees are used for cross-pollination in the fruit orchards from September to the end of October. Honey is then collected afterwards. Quails are kept for their meat and eggs and guinea fowl also for their meat, as well as feathers. Goats are kept for their meat too.

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