Dumazulu Lodge

Dumazulu Lodge is situated near Hluhluwe Game Reserve, just off the Bushlands turn-off. Here guests can watch and learn about Zulu traditions, including basket weaving, spear and shield making, beadwork, pottery, Sangoma bone-throwing and Zulu dancing. Dumazulu (which means ‘thundering Zulu’) is the largest Zulu village of its kind (it is home to over fifty residents) and is the only Zulu cultural village to be opened by King Goodwill Zwelithini – placing the royal stamp of approval on the objectives and the authenticity of Dumazulu.

A qualified guide will accompany guests on a tour of the village and explain the various ancient manufacturing traditions. The guide will provide insight into the heritage and culture of the Zulu nation. The village is connected by walkways to the main dining area and bar where visitors can end off their tour by enjoying a delicious meal and beverages.


Dumazulu Lodge consists of 23 sleeping units (each sleeping two to four people) and is connected by walkways to the village. It offers an unrivalled ethnic experience where visitors can spend the night in a ‘hut’ resembling the different tribal peoples of Southern Africa on the exterior, but furnished with a modern interior tastefully decorated in ethnic fabrics and tribal memorabilia.

Guests will be able to gain a deeper insight into the tribal customs and heritage of Southern Africa by reading the storyboards at the entrance to each unit.  An added attraction is a snake pit – host to indigenous South African snakes and a crocodile park with one of the largest crocodiles (measuring around 4m and weighing 350kg). Game drives and tours to surrounding attractions can also be arranged from Dumazulu.

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