Entabeni Communications

Entabeni Communications is a field leader in environmental communications, education and youth tourism. Based in the Hlatikulu Crane and Wetland Sanctuary near Giant’s Castle in the Central Drakensberg, it provides the ideal venue for environmental and outdoor learning programmes for school children. They also offer getaways for religious, youth and scout groups.

Entabeni seeks to tailor each course to each client’s needs. On making a booking, their programme manager or director will arrange a meeting to discuss specific content, outcomes and activities.

Most of the programmes are cross-curricular, but can include:

  • Life orientation: Activity- and adventure-based programme that develops leadership skills, group functioning, problem solving, effective communications and win-win negotiation;
  • Natural science: Detailed syllabus-support and fieldwork looking at biology, ecology, conservation and general information awareness;
  • Social science: Practical examples of geographical concepts such as river profiles, landscapes, map work and settlements. Visits to painted San hunter-gatherer shelters are also included.

Programmes are adapted to suit all ages from Grade 2 to tertiary level. They also offer team-building programmes for teachers, school governing bodies and school staff.

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