Gabus Game Ranch


Accommodation consists of a variety of different rooms. All rooms are en suite with shower/wc and fitted with air conditioners. High quality bedding of only cotton and linen sheeting is used for that extra luxurious sleeping experience.

Single rooms with thatch roof are located close to the entertainment area and pool. These rooms are ideal for the single traveller who likes to be close to social activities and still be able to enjoy natural solitude and quiet.

The family room consists of two adjoining rooms that share a bathroom. Parents room is spacious and allows for family interaction, while the children’s room is furnished with books and toys to keep the little ones occupied and happy.

The double/twin rooms are all furnished with either a double bed or two twin beds, according to preference. Most rooms have an additional sleeper couch which can be used for children sharing a room with parents, or alternatively to be used as couch. The rooms are all very spacious for that extra luxurious feeling and to provide space to freely move around. Only the best furniture and fittings are used.

The rooms definitely invite to stay for an extended period.


The campsite, which is situated inside the Gabus Game Ranch, with showers and toilette facilities, offers the possibility to be closed to nature snd at the same time the chance to enjoy a wonderful evening with the delicious meals that only the Gabus lodge can offer.












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