Gemini Tours

Gemini Tours offers cultural and historical tours of the Drakensberg area, Estcourt and Weenen. These tours include Voortrekker history and Anglo-Boer War sites. Visitors will also visit the Weenen Nature Reserve, historical buildings and farms in the surrounding area.

Rafting and hunting (in season) can be enjoyed. The area also offers a wide variety of well established bed and breakfasts.  Beautiful views of the Drakensberf Mountains can be enjoyed and there are many crafts shops in the vacinity. The surrounding area of Estcourt, Colenso and Winterton is rich in Anglo-Boer War sites and the Blaauwkrantz Massacre of the Voortrekkers by the Zulus.

Weenen is one of the last Voortrekker towns in the country. The surrounding countryside consists mostly of thornfields, changing to grassveld and mountain vegetation as one approches the Drakensberg – with Mafadi Peak at 3446m above sea-level. This area offers plenty of wildlife and birds.

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