Indingilizi Art Gallery and Restaurant

Indingilizi Art Gallery and Restaurant is a friendly Africa art gallery and restaurant, exhibiting the best of African art and crafts. They first opened in 1982 and have exhibited top local, South African and other artists on an on-going basis, through exhibitions, media promotions and permanent displays.

Paintings, sculptures and other artwork is carefully packed and airfreighted to international customers. They sell framed collectible beadwork and African artefacts as well as prime baskets, antique and modern jewellery. The artefacts are collected from all over Africa. They have developed their own range of hand-painted candleholders and lamps and are involved with the sale, development, export and promotion of quality crafts from Swaziland.

The brightly painted indoor and outdoor daytime courtyard restaurant is very popular amongst locals and tourists alike. The menu features foods from Africa, prepared from recipes collected from Morocco, Zanzibar, Mozambique and Cape Town. Situated in an historical old building in the heart of Mbabane, within easy walking distance of the shopping malls.

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