Mukhondeni Pottery Village

Mukhondeni Pottery Village was started by Sarah Munyai who was born in 1921. She started doing pottery at the age of 12 taught by her mother. A group of five women at Mukondeni Village make clay pots at their homes and bring them to Sarah’s place for sale. The women make clay pots, which are based on traditional paintings of Venda and Tsonga people and are sold to tourists, businesses and local people. The clay potteries are mainly painted in maroon, grey and brown colours and are very distinctive.

Because of this pottery making initiative by Sarah, the whole village is well known for its pottery making culture and Sarah Monyai has become an icon in the whole of the Limpopo Province. In almost all the households in the area of Venda, Elim, Giyani, Louis Trichardt (Makhado) and Water Val, these items can be found.

*This participant is a member of the Africa Craft Trust.

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