Bill Mitchell at Oudrif offers splendid accommodation in five en-suite straw bale cottages that use solar power for lighting. They each overlook perennial pools in the Doring River. Rates include splendid meals, wine, beer and soft drinks, which are all served in the beautiful boma.

In winter there is white-water rafting, in summer you can swim in the river and in spring there are spectacular wild flowers. Rock paintings in the vicinity of the cottages include scores of handprints, delicate antelope and human figures apparently falling down a cliff face and shamanic figures. If you wish, several more sites with excellent rock paintings can be visited on neighbouring farms guided by Bill.

Brakfontein Kloof provides a wonderful walk that includes several painted sites with a wide variety of styles and subject matter. The walk ends in a magnificent overhanging cave that contains numerous well-preserved rock paintings and unusual wind eroded rocks. At some places you will need to walk only a few minutes from your vehicle.

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