Pfuxanani Youth Centre

Pfuxanani means wake each other in Shangaan/Tsonga. Pfuxanani Youth Centre was formed in 1993 by a group of youth who saw a need for education and creation of employment opportunities for younger people at Elim and the surrounding areas. The centre was initiated by Aldrin Ndalani, who was later (in 1997) honoured as youth leader of the year in South Africa and he has also had the privilege of travelling overseas to countries such as Austria, Germany and France.

The centre is located at Njhaka-njhaka Village in Elim and also has accommodation facilities designed and decorated in the traditional style. Local art and crafts are sold at the centre. The centre is self-sustaining, but relies on donations for projects and programmes to take off.  Today the centre is an attraction to many tourists and locals who visits Elim to see the projects done by the youth in the area

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