Sethuthuthu Tours and Safaris

Sethuthuthu Tours originated by a couple of farmers and owners of scenic places with historical value who came together and decided to open up their farms for tourism purposes.

ATV (Quad) tours are offered in the Rooiberge Conservancy area, bordering Clarens where the farms are situated.

Visitors are introduced to geology, anthropology, history and fauna & flora of the Eastern Free State.  These tours offer education combined with fun and excitement!!!

They only make use of qualified, registered guides and they carry passenger liability.  These tours are ideal for nature lovers and families are welcome.  Children are welcome to share a bike with an adult.  These tours are also suitable for team-building.  There are many different tours to choose from, ranging from 90 minutes to a full day.  Meals and drinks are included in a full day trip.

The word Sethuthuthu means ‘motor bike’’ in the Sesotho Language. The idea of tours on quad bikes (ATV’s – All terrain vehicles) was born when a couple of farmers got together and decided to open up their farms to the public for tourism purposes. The tours are conducted in a conservancy area and a national park.

All tours are accompanied by guides who provide as much information as possible on the areas being travelled through. The guides are all qualified and in possession of NQF2 to NQF4, Field Guide Association of South Africa, certificates.

These tours are designed for the nature lover and are definitely not for those who would like to speed and do obstacles at a flying pace.

Prior to any tour departing, a practice session takes place to make sure that the drivers understands the handling of the quad.

Sethuthuthu offers five tours:

A 1½-hour tour: You start on an obstacle course where you will be instructed on handling your ATV on steep declines and hills.

The route covers an area rich in indigenous plants which had extreme value to the old pioneers who went through the same area in 1837. The guides will discuss the geology and history of the area when you travel through it. Among some of the interesting sites you will pass are sites where the early settlers (voortrekkers) settled during 1837/8, the ruins of earlier inhabitants who lived in this area from about 1790-1820, and where most of them were murdered during the time of the Great Defiqane when both Tsjaka and Mizilikazi waged their empire wars in this area. During these wars 28 Sotho speaking tribes were completely wiped out.

The 2-hour tour: The routeing is the same as above but you travel further into the mountains on a scenic winding trail to visit a pioneer graveyard.

The 3-hour tour or Sundowner Trail: Enjoy a ride through our Fairy Forest or Garden Route with its Kgotla ‘Place of gathering’ before ascending Mount Ararat to watch the sunset with its commanding views over the Eastern Free State.

The 4-hour tour: This trip is the same as the two hour trail, but veer of on an extended route with option to visit the Anglo Boer War Horse Hospital on the farm Ill Paradiso. On this trail you will be travelling on a adventurous picturesque route following the foothills of the Rooiberge.

The 5-hour tour: This is done in the Qwa-Qwa National Park. This half day tour is part of a Mini Safari where we explore some of the last untamed wilderness in the Eastern Free State.  There are lots of plains game to be seen, making this is a real adventure experience.

Experience required to handle the ATV’s: Handling the ATV’s is much like handling an ordinary car. You must have done a bit of cycling in the past, have a love for nature, be adventurous and have a good  sense of humour. No Driver’s licence is required, but you must be 18 years and older.

What to bring:

  • Lots of suntan lotion;
  • Cool tops;
  • Shorts or jeans;
  • Hiking boots/sneakers;
  • A windbreaker or raincoat;
  • Binoculars;
  • A camera;
  • Toilet paper;
  • A water bottle; and
  • Hat.

Why should you go on this trip: Shorter trips are ideal for families  with smaller children. Ideal for conferences and team building.

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