Southern African Wildlife College

Southern African Wildlife College is located in the Hoedspruit area in the Limpopo Province. The college was initiated as a WWF-SA project and the building was completed in 1996.

The College offers a diploma in Natural Resource Management and a learner who has achieved this qualification is able to integrate management knowledge and skills with the operational specifics of a conserved area.

This course has been developed to assist professionalism across the Southern African conservation industry and covers all aspects of:

  • Natural resource area planning;
  • Landscape management;
  • Ensuring the integrity of the protected resource;
  • Integrated catchment management;
  • People management;
  • Tourism/visitor management;
  • Resource economics; and
  • Project management.

The mission of the college is to provide natural heritage managers, and particularly protected area managers, from Africa with the motivation and relevant skills to manage, in co-operation with stakeholders, their areas and associated wildlife populations sustainably and in a culturally acceptable manner. And the vision is that the Southern African Wildlife College becomes a regionally recognised centre of excellence in conservation education and training.

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