Stampriet Historical Guesthouse

Stampriet is a water-rich oasis situated on the banks of the Auob River and the gateway to the red dunes of the Kalahari Desert in south-eastern Namibia. The village is well known for its artesian wells and the majestic palm trees growing in the area. The history of Stampriet dates back to 1898 when it the village was a small trading post in the outback of the then German South West Africa. Many historical battles were fought here, and other events took place in the immediate vicinity.

Stampriet Historical Guesthouse offers you peace of mind, especially during quiet starry nights. Stampriet’s museum of antique decoration will take you back to days gone by. At the guesthouse the clocks have been turned back to bring you the undiscovered myth of history, as well as the treasures and secrets of the red Kalahari dunes. You will be welcomed to “The Best of the Past”!

The guesthouse offers:

  • Swimming pool with fresh borehole water;
  • Big garden with birds;
  • Reading from our small library;
  • Gift shop;
  • A bar;
  • Restaurant;
  • Internet access;
  • Visit neighbouring guest farm: Kalahari Farm house self sufficient center and nearby vegetable farms;
  • Come and enjoy a sundowner whilst watching the stunning sunset views from our wooden deck and gaze over the town Stampriet.


  • Guided trips to nearby working farms.
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