TerraPi is a self-catering tipi camp bordering the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area along the cradle of mankind, South Eastern Cape, South Africa.

TerraPi also offers a range of tailored activities, from 4×4 routes, to riverside relaxation excursions, abseiling, climbing, game walks, bass fishing, river tubing, bushman cave exploration, ridge-walking, crystal journeys and many more. You can also just relax at the camp while enjoying the silence and tranquillity of fully equipped comfy tipi tents. Adventures are not run-of-the-mill excursions and are tailored to your specific needs and should be enquired upon when booking. Experience hassle free camping, close to nature and experience being earthed.

Tipi Camp:

Our Native American 18ft Tipi tents provide comfortable accommodation in an earth friendly setting. Each Tipi sleeps 5 persons and has its own picnic table outside with shade provided. Allow yourself to unwind as the water from our nearby stream slows your senses to a rhythmic heartbeat. Let the glow of the fire bring warmth and comfort as you experience the presence of nature. No artificial lighting, no cell phone reception and no hassle. Close to the ground, around a fire, sensing the elements as they stir outside, camping has never been so easy.

“Here we help conserve the international heritage site, the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Complex. Bordering this natural gem, Terra Pi gives visitors the opportunity to participate in ecological restoration projects re-vegetating river courses and rehabilitating post-wattle areas.”

Putting back into the earth:

The clever use of natural rehabilitation methods gives the satisfaction of returning to nature the resources man has taken away through careless practices. While staying at Terra Pi, the earth speaks to us, rewarding us with bountiful natural experiences and a free and joyous heart. Close to nature, in touch with the earth, we walk freely amongst the animals of our land, receiving blessings and good health. Our love grows as we tread carefully upon her skin — as we rest in the wild, surrounded by nature. Experience the elements in the comfort of our camp, and cook on open fires while blessed with peace and tranquility. This is the way it has always been.

To make music like the Old Ones, listening to sounds born from the wild. Let the rhythm and pulse filter through you — like the mountain water you drink. Vibrant and healthy, inwardly clean. You can explore the forests and rivers . . . or relax with a view. It’s all up to you . . .

Our respect for the land reveals its gifts. Sharing with love and nurturing the seed that grows. Healthy and carefree — you will not need a thing. The earth has provided for as long as we’ve been. Come see how we know and learn from within. Our footprint on nature is so light it’s unseen.

Close to the spirit of the land, this place cares for all your needs, and will surprise and delight you with its ingenuity, its care for your personal well-being, and its potential for enjoyment of our wilderness.
Harry and Saskia explain their business:

“We present a concept that involves getting people camping without the hassle, while creating awareness towards invader plants and the threat to biodiversity to the Baviaans. Utilizing NGO projects on the farm to put something back into the environment. The concept is Enviro -Tourism, with public participation and social benefits.”

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