The Sweaty Dutchman Coffee Shop & Bistro

The Sweaty Dutchman Coffee Shop and Bistro offers the following:

  • Breakfast/Lunches for up to 35 people. There are toilets on the premises and the building is wheelchair friendly;
  • Coffee, cake and croissants are specialities;
  • There is also art for sale; mainly paintings and small art and beadwork by top local artists; and
  • Aloes and other indigenous succulents and plants are also on the premises.

Hans explains why they started the business and how the name of the coffee shop and bistro came about:

We (Hans and Sonja) are ex-city people. Now almost two years in Kareedouw. This was not planned, nor was the indigenous nursery we started, nor was the coffee shop. But here we are with the ‘Sweaty Dutchman!”

“The name is a story in itself, but it has its origin in my coffee roasting days in Johannesburg. The Sweaty Dutchmen Is unique to this part of the world. Dutch run with European flavoured local dishes. Our customers say it’s cosy, wonderful and clean and all want to hear our story.”

Ask Hans to tell the story when you visit!

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