Tshikaeshele Lisbeth Mohlosane

Working previously as a construction worker (bricklayer), Lisbeth found the work very tiring and also intrusive on her time with her family, so in 2004 she decided to quit work and stay at home. However, unable to sit idle all day, she made the decision to do something productive with her time, and, recognising a need, started making wooden spoons and food whisks as a means to supplement her income.


Her largest clientele is the local community, and each month, during the pension payout time at the local tribal office, she takes her wares and hawks them to those collecting pensions.


Using a pair of pliers, a wire cutter, some wire and her imagination, she shapes her whisks and fastens the wire into a piece of clean prepared timber, collected and shaped from dead trees and branches, ready to take them off to her market.  The spoons are all hand shaped using some very basic tools and her imagination.

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