Uthando (Love) South Africa

Uthando (Love) South Africa is a non-profit organisation and Responsible Tourism Initiative based in Cape Town, South Africa. Uthando supports a broad range of community based, sustainable and innovative social development programmes.  In addition, Uthando offers unique and tailormade daily scheduled / private half day field trips visiting the sprawling townships on the outskirts of Cape Town, with particular emphasis on the projects being funded.

The field trips offer visitors to South Africa an opportunity to discover the wonderful and interesting stories of life in the townships, interacting with the locals in their place of work and learning how these impoverished communities overcome adversity and poverty. By attending on a field trip, visitors are also contributing to and assisting with social development.

Uthando is one of, if not THE BEST MODEL for helping travellers better understand the local issues in a responsible way.  Uthando’s service is needed and so very valuable.” – Priscilla P Macy, Global Sojourns LLC

Unique selling features:

  • authenticity;
  • interaction with local;
  • benefit to local communities.

Uthando contributes financially to social development projects and the Khayelitsha School.

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