Wabi Game Lodge

The Waterberg Plateau invites guests to experience adventurous excursions by car or on foot. The roads along the edge of the escarpment offer superb views of high, rocky peaks of red sandstone eroded into fantastic shapes and laced with the clinging vines of climbing figs. Of course, a smooth glass of red wine or a fruity sip of a superb white wine, to make the most of a spectacular sight of the Plateau at dusk or dawn, will not go amiss. Enjoy spotting a variety of wildlife while on game drives.

Wabi Game Lodge is surrounded by cascading foliage and luscious trees that will provide a heaven for you to retreat to after the day’s activities. Whilst you relax at the pool, be mesmerized by the landscape that appears to extend into infinity and change into a fiery pageant as the sun bids the day farewell.

Consisting of eight bungalows with en-suite bathrooms and modern amenities, both accommodation and cuisine reflect the Swiss heritage of your hosts, Mark and Christine. Allow yourself to be submerged in the spirit of a true African Safari.   

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