Areena Adventure Village

Activities offered at Areena Adventure Village:

Ama-ZING-ZING Zipline Skywalk – “Life is Short, have more FUN!”

It’s here! Finally, so grab your friends and family, get out for a day and enjoy our hottest, newest adventure activity in our adventure village. There are a total of 10 ziplines, the longest being 150m and the highest being 70m. This fun, thrilling and adrenaline pumping two hour adventure will stay with you for a lifetime. The tour takes place in our private game park overlooking the Kwelera Riverine Valley.

Experience the true beauty and get in touch with nature.

*Booking is essential – minimum of six people per group, maximum of eight people per group.

Quad bike game-viewing:

This is our most popular activity. Our guides will teach you how to drive one of our semi-automatic quads and take you on a guided game drive through our game reserve. You are likely to get closer to many species than if you were on foot, or even in a vehicle! If you are lucky, you will meet Abby, our now-famous giraffe, who might just give you a whiskery nuzzle! Anyone over the age of 12 can ride their own quad, while the younger folk are welcome to be a passenger.

We have three routes:

  • A 20 minute route that is fairly level, easy for beginners and will take you around the animal’s favourite grazing spot;
  • The one-hour route begins with the 20 minute route, then leads you up to the top of our scenic abseil site on a more advanced trail; and
  • The two-hour route adds an hour of riding through a very quiet section of the property, once you leave the abseil site, where you will navigate even rougher terrain and go through a bamboo forest.



Groups of six or more can play on our natural paintball course. With plenty of obstacles to hide behind, teams can play a game of strategy and skill, using our semi-automatic paintball guns. Safety gear is provided, ensuring that serious injury is avoided. Another popular choice for kids parties (over 8 years), bachelor parties, corporate team-building and fun-lovers in general.


Ten outdoor activities are designed to promote teamwork and highlight leadership skills. There is no need to be an athlete to enjoy these activities, and there is no upper age limit. Corporate groups have seen the benefits of bringing their colleagues to have fun in the open air and improve working relationships. The games are changed regularly, so each visit is a new experience.

Obstacle course:

Poles, ropes and cargo nets make the obstacles across a dam of water a test of your balancing skills. A super group activity that is as much fun cheering from the side as it is navigating the obstacles!


The Kareena takes groups of up to 25 people on a leisurely cruise along the Kwelegha tidal river through the picturesque indigenous valley to the mouth. Cruises can be booked at high tide and are perfect for an hour and a half of peaceful relaxation. Snacks and drinks can be arranged to add to the enjoyment of the outing.



Take a leap, conquer your fear! Our graded 50m abseil site has been used for many eco-challenges and adventure races. An activity that is popular amongst adrenalin junkies as well as corporate groups looking for that exciting and memorable experience. The view from the top of the cliff is truly breath-taking, and the sense of achievement once you’ve abseiled down to the base is incomparable.


Try your skill at the ancient art of archery, where you are shown the correct stance and method to aim at the target. Hitting the bull’s eye is possible for a first-timer! The principles of archery give a great analogy for corporate groups – and teach a lesson in focus in a fun and practical way.

Pellet gun target shooting:

Shoot at metal ducks and see how many you can hit! For groups of 4 or more, this activity is suitable for even the non-athletic.


Explore the wonders of nature on a guided hike through our game reserve. At any time of  the year, you are bound to discover something new!


Our Indian-style, wide-bottomed canoes are a great way to explore the nooks and crannies along the river, or take a scenic 4km paddle to picnic on the beach!


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