Bhalisa Tourism and Travel Consultancy

Bhalisa Travel and Tourism Consultancy was established in 2002 and is centred on encouraging development, with a special emphasis on previously disadvantaged communities and the economic empowerment of these communities. Through its commitment and experience in formulating community strategies, much of it gained in the development of the first Thunga-Thunga Route, Bhalisa has identified a need to focus on sustainability, capacity building and increase the momentum of delivering excellent service.


BTTS’s vision is to facilitate the economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals so that they actively participate in the tourism development process.

Here are some of the values built into the vision:

  • Financial and economic empowerment;
  • Service excellence;
  • Professionalism;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Strategic partnership;
  • Sustainable and mutual relationships with clients;
  • Innovations.


To enable previously disadvantaged individuals related to tourism, to develop and strengthen their entrepreneurial capabilities so as to start and manage viable and sustainable enterprises, and to accommodate the needs of tourists to this region of the Eastern Cape.

BTTS’s caters for the whole of the Eastern Cape Province in terms of operations, with services offered ranging from tour guiding, to rural village tours such as Umgwali Village, visits to sangomas, traditional healers and many more interesting places. Connie Kakana, the company owner is also an accredited skills trainer by organisations such as Theta and other accredited institutions.

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