River rafting:

The following is included:

  • Crocs (2-man inflatable rafts);
  • Paddles;
  • Lifejackets;
  • Dry Bag / Blue Drum (day trips only) for your luggage;
  • All meals for duration of trip (day trips: meals optional extra);
  • All catering equipment;
  • Cooler boxes;
  • Cooldrink whilst on the river;
  • Transport back to Base Camp.

The following is not included:

  • Sleeping bags;
  • Groundsheets;
  • Rollmats;
  • Tents;
  • Eating utensils;
  • Soft drinks and alchoholic beverages.

Passports: (For 3 Day and 4 Day Trips):

Although we begin at Fiddlers Creek Campsite which is situated on the South African side of the border, you will however need to be in possession of a valid passport as we return from the river via the Namibian side.


Reservations are essential. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for the confirmation of your booking. On receipt of your deposit, a detailed trip briefing, map and a guideline list of items required will be issued to you. Final payment must reach us by no later then 4 weeks prior to departure.

Health Requirements: 

Everyone participating in the river trip must be in a good state of health and all personal prescription medication should be carried with you together with a copy of the prescription. Please advise your guides of any existing medical conditions you may have.

Ages between 6 and 60 years.

Paddling Experience:

Absolutely no previous experience is needed. The section of river that we operate on graded 1 – 2.

River Rafting packages for School Groups:

We at Bushwhacked firmly belive that every child should experience the magic of rafting on the Orange River. Not only for the fun part of it, but because of the lessons that can be learnt. Team work, Nature Environment, Ecology, Responsibility, Safety, Personal Fitness and the ability to overcome anything.

Being parents ourselves, we understand your concern for your childrens safety and well being. We endeavour at every level to keep your children safe (and under control) with our strict rules. These rules are not designed to hamper the fun, but to ensure your child returns safely to you sporting wide grins and sharing happy stories of their experience with Bushwhacked.

  • 24 hour supervision 4 Days, 5 Nights
  • Healthy and Clean environment Incl. all River/Camp equip + Meals
  • Encourages team participation and communication
  • Classroom” in Nature
  • No previous canoeing experience required
  • Teachers allowed for free (1 per 10 students).

Multi-day rafting and canoeing is used extensively by organisations (both learning and corporate bodies) to improve communication skills and encourage team work.Bushwhacked Outdoor Adventures has built an itinerary aimed at school groups with a rate structure that is affordable.

We do work closely with the educators that join the children on these trips and any interaction is encouraged to guarantee an awesome rafting experience.

An additional package now available at Bushwhacked is our Adventure Vehicle Operations division where transport from your school to us can also be arranged for your group. Contact us with any questions please and we gladly assist you.

The boats and safety:

We use crocs – which are two man inflatable canoes. They are incredibly easy to handle, are very stable and as they are inflatable, are unsinkable. Each trip will be accompanied by at least (2) two professional, registered river guides, who each carry throw ropes and are well versed in river rescue techniques and each person is given a life jacket which they are required to wear on the river.

Should it be required or requested, the trip can also be run in 8 man inflatable rafts. This would be recommended for groups consisting of young participants. The section of Orange River that we run trips on is graded 1 to 2, thus allowing us to take people with no previous canoeing or rafting experience.

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