Dwars River Escape Route


The Dwars River Escape Route is located in the Dwars River Valley between the university town of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, also known to be the culinary capital of the country. The route stretches from the Helshoogte Pass just outside Stellenbosch to the Groot Drakenstein area at the turn-off towards Franschhoek. The route covers a relatively short distance but the valley is packed full of attractions and activities. 

The Dwars River Escape Route has a wealth of spectacular scenery, cultural features, sites of historical significance, activities and comfortable accommodation options as well as a fascinating mix of established businesses, entrepreneurs, small businesses and community projects. 

Reasons to visit:

The valley has a number of quaint villages such as Pniel, Lanquedoc and Kylemore. The local people are a central part of any experience on the route and their rich history is portrayed in a number of historic buildings and churches. 

The valley is also home to many wine and fruit farms and local delicacies from the area can be enjoyed at coffee shops and restaurants throughout the area. Apart from being extraordinarily scenic, the mountains in the region also offer great opportunities for hiking and mountain biking.

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