Kylemore High School

With a visit to Kylemore High School, tourists will take a different value system away with them. Here one can see how much can be achieved with few resources.

Some of the projects at Kylemore High School include:

  • Art classes: For students, parents and teachers of both the primary and high school;
  • A soup kitchen: This was started with the help of the mothers of both the primary and secondary schools in Kylemore to ensure that the learners at least had something nourishing to eat at school;
  • Bakery: The bakery at the high school was started with funds raised from various sources and is controlled by parents and volunteers, although the learners are also involved. The bakery has developed its own health biscuit with added multi-vitamins to provide to all learners;
  • Vegetable garden: The school vegetable garden was started to provide vegetables to the soup kitchen, but also to sell produce to locals. The school kids help with the garden;
  • Khanaya Computer Centre: This computer centre (the name means ‘enlightened’) is bringing the curriculum to learners through technology; and
  • Sport and Recreation: With funding obtained from the South African Lottery Fund, Kylemore High School has been able to develop a number of sport and extra-mural cultural activities including ballet, cricket, volleyball and a school choir.

To visit any or all of these projects, a booking must be made through the school office. A tour by the school children can be arranged.

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