Hillcrest Berry Orchards

Quality is the hallmark of this family business with a reputation for attention to detail, innovative ideas and exceptional service. In the farm shop visitors will find freshly picked berries every day during the summer and throughout the year a full range of frozen berries, jams, dessert toppings, relishes and jellies, berry vinegars, liqueured berries and gifts. Why not sample the products in the tea-garden while enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains across the Banhoek Valley.

Accommodation at Hillcrest Berry Orchards is in a self-catering, fully equipped three bedroom (5 persons) cottage. Guests are welcome to walk on the farm and learn about the berry business.


Blackberries:  Youngberries and Boysenberries are American hybrid varieties. Three kinds of English blackberry or brambleberry are also available, each with its distinctive flavour and texture.

Tayberries:  A hybrid variety developed in Scotland by crossing a Scottish raspberry with an American blackberry. The result is an unusually perfumed, juicy berry. Sadly the season is very short.

Raspberries:  Several varieties have been brought in from Europe and America. They are almost too beautiful to eat.

Blueberries:  The American varieties are best adapted to local conditions. Succulent, full flavoured berries.

Blackcurrants, Redcurrants and English gooseberries (Stachelbeere) are also being grown experimentally on the farm.

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