Bushwillow Lodge

This lodge takes its name from the Velvet Bushwillow tree (Combretum molle) which occurs in an around the camp.  It is a deciduous tree (leaves turn reddish-brown) and is found in the sand forest regions – enjoying and surviving well in the sandy soils.  The Combretum family typically has simple leaves, small flowers and a characteristic four-winged pod, with a seed in the middle.  The seeds are poisonous and the boiled leaves produce a red dye – used by the Zulus in their traditional craft of basket making.

Bushwillow offers 4-star accommodation and is best described as a bush home.  It is ideal for families or small groups.  It is a sole-use destination for those wanting a little privacy and seclusion.  There is a central facility with a spacious lounge, dining area and well-equipped kitchen.  The central area opens onto a large deck with a pool.  The en-suite bedrooms are linked by wooden walkways to the central facility.  No expense has been spared to ensure a high-quality establishment with every finishing touch that the discerning traveller may expect.  Bushwillow comfortably accommodates up to six people.

Visitors may choose to self-cater or to have meals prepared.  Breakfast, picnic lunches and evening meals of good international standard are available, suiting all dietary needs.

Just as the seed is the centre of the pod, so is Bushwillow at the centre of things to do in the area – allowing the visitor to enjoy both bush and beach with little travel required.

Kuleni Game Park is 170ha of pristine indigenous bushveld.  Visitors can enjoy walks on the self-guided trails and experience the fascination with the smaller fauna and flora – and may encounter zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, impala and nyala.  The abundance of birdlife, the variety of trees and other flora will impress the most avid follower.

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