Candles of Africa

Our candles are unique. All hand dipped. No two look the same.

  • High quality wax and wicks;
  • Very decorative;
  • Long burning time; and
  • Melting point (bending) of candle at 600C.

We offer packaging and postage for overseas clients. Candle making kits to make your own candles at home can also be purchased – these kits includes the threaded wax, wicks and colour. This all comes with instructions.

We cater for:  

  • Weddings;
  • Funerals;
  • Memorial services;
  • Churches;
  • Chapels;
  • Caterers; and
  • Interior decorators.

All our candles are sold at factory price. We have bright colours, as well as the natural browns and greens.

Our candles are all handmade. We also sell scented candles, citronella candles for mosquitoes and candle wickers – all handmade.

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