Chintumukulu Campsite

Chintumukulu campsite was established by the Mpumba Natural Resource Conservation Society (MNRCS). Chintu literally means ‘thing’ while Mukulu means ‘the great’. Chintu the Great was of the Bena N’gona Clan, the reigning Chief of the Bisa speaking people of Mpika, Chinsali and Chilubi. The MNRCS was registered as a trust in 2002 and as a society in 2004. They have 8,474 hectare of land acquired from Chief Mpumba for a community ranch for nature conservation. Chitumukulu Campsite offers accommodation in three double chalets. The campsite is equipped with ablutions and has two fire places for cooking.

Activities include cultural tours to the local Mpumba community to sample the traditional Bisa lifestyle and traditional dances can be arranged. Communities are also involved in guiding and act as porters to tourists going to the water formations and wilderness trails in South Luangwa. Local attractions include the Mutinondo Waterfalls and swimming in the local rivers and pools. The pools and rivers are free of crocodiles and hippo, making it ideal for swimming, tubing and canoeing.   

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