Crystal Haven

Crystal Haven School of Gemstone Healing is a small business run from a home, situated in Merrivale, just off the N2-easily accessible to those travelling to and from Durban in the South, Johannesburg in the North, the Midlands Meander and Drakensberg Resorts.

“At Crystal Haven we run certified courses in Crystal Healing from Introductory to Diploma level as well as mini seminars on a variety of topics such as Medicine Way Teachings and the Universal Laws- and all things spiritual and uplifting.”

“I personally offer Crystal Healing and Deep State Therapy, which heal mind, body and soul, a gentle but powerful form of natural healing. I am a qualified Medical Technologist (trained in Switzerland and South Africa) and a fully qualified Crystal Healer.”

“We also offer a variety of crystal rocks and gemstones for sale, as well as various and other homemade items, such as sets of runes, sets of cards and posters (laminated) etc. This small business is gradually growing and has many projects in the pipeline- such as crystal and plant essences, survival courses in times crisis and a whole lot more.”

A life long dream coming to fruition!


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