Dasjesdrift Teaterhuis

The Dasjesdrift farm theatre is a beautiful restored manor house on a farm between Heidelberg and Witsand. The architecture, interior and the natural setting creates a haven for people, artists and art lovers. The theatre produces and hosts some of the best “one and two hander” plays in the country. The visitor will also be able to feast on a variety of fantastic homemade breads, jams and local cheese. This is an invitation to “come and experience theatre at its best in the countryside!”

The Farm Theatre offers theatre productions and good countryside food; as well as small walking tracks for leisure walks. Tea is on offer for smaller groups.

The theatre was an old farmhouse, dated 1933. “Because the building was in a very bad condition, my family decided to demolish it. But my mother and I jumped in and started to restore it. Later on it became a community project. It gave everyone great satisfaction working on what today is a beautiful theatre.”

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