Dunes de Dovela Eco-Lodge

This eco-lodge is the result of a four years project based on strong human and ecological dimensions. Firstly, human because the lodge was entirely built with local people. Today, about 50 people have acquired a good know-how and thus a job. This dynamic goes on as the lodge runs. Secondly, ecological as construction methods preserve the environment, building shapes melt into the landscape and local supplies are always preferred. The aim is to create a protected area for the conservation and the preservation of this unique natural environment.


  • Non self-catering luxurious en-suite bungalows equipped for two people with unrivalled view on the sea and the dunes;
  • Non self-catering tents with shared ablutions equipped for two people set up in the costal forest.

The luxurious bungalows:

All the bungalows have their own bathroom, toilet and an outside shower that faces the sea. They are equipped for two people, but up to two additional single beds can be provided on request, as can a cot. From your bedroom, French windows that look out over the ocean allow access to a private terrace. The architecture of the bungalows and their location will give you unrivalled views of the sea and dunes whilst enjoying the cooling sea breeze and being close to nature.

The bush camp:

Set up in the costal forest, the bush camp has five separated spaces. Each tent (bow 3×3) is pitched on a wooden platform which ends up with a privative terrace. Equipped with a double bed, a single bed or two stretchers these tents are perfect to enjoy the beauty and the diversity of the costal forest. Playing with the environment, high established showers and toilets overlook the site, the Indian Ocean …. or the stars!

The site:

From your accomodation, you will be able to explore the beautiful surroundings on foot.  A network of shady marked paths lead you from your bungalow or your tent to the restaurant (between 40m and 80m), to the sea (300m), to the viewing platforms, through the forest, to Dongane lagoon (1.5km) and to the villages of Chume (4km) and Dovela (6km).

A cozy esplanade surrounded with a restaurant and a bar offers a tremendous view on the Indian Ocean. All together provide the full range of atmospheres you could dream of to enjoy a mix of Mozambican and French cuisine.

The environment of the place is gripping and wonderful and furthermore … all the building has a very high level of finishing which creates an unrivalled atmosphere. Finally, the location is very intimate and only three bungalows and five tents are set up at a time.


Activities and attractions:

  • A spectacular inland lake;
  • Coastal forest;
  • The magnificent Indian Ocean;
  • Local Chope villages;
  • Hiking on the marked footpaths;
  • Snorkeling and diving;
  • Whale watching;
  • Fishing; and
  • Sailing.
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