Eksteenfontein Tourism Info Centre

This information centre in Eksteenfontein opened officially on 1 April 2002. It aims to collect pertinent information about the town and surrounding area and make this available to tourists. Consequently, it can provide tourists and locals with information about the whole of the Richtersveld Route area.

This information centre also handles bookings for the two guesthouses in Eksteenfontien and guided tours or hikes. Other objectives of the centre include promoting tourism and ensuring that the community receives the highest possible benefits from tourism; linking the tourism initiatives with other development occurring in the Richtersveld; and providing as many work opportunities as possible.

This site is situated at the heart of the Eksteenfontein Village and serve as a museum and tourism entrance point for the world heritage site, but also make sure that every-one who enter the site from that point receive a legal entrance permit which they have to pay for. For this reason it is essential to do some minor upgrading work on and in the plot.

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