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The diverse lifestyle of the Duku-Duku people is an interesting one. In Khula Village today, traditional healing is very strongly believed in and sangomas and inyangas (healers and herbalists) are visited regularly. Most people are subsistence farmers, and the ever-growing population puts a strain on this way of life.

Fafa Tours and Craft offers guests the opportunity to accompany a Zulu guide in an open vehicle to meet the local Zulu people, consult a sangoma, experience day-to-day activities in the township (no commercialised acting), visit local schools and churches, and learn a bit of Zulu culture and history. 

Guests can also learn more about spiritual healing with a sangoma, and discover the nightlife of the township at a local shebeen (tavern). Lunch, Zulu dancing and a visit to local curio stalls are other options. 

Donations to schools and churches are appreciated, as are tips for dancers and guides.  Remember to bring cameras and sunscreen. Money generated by the tours helps to support local schools.

Our main services include:

Cultural Tours

  • Dukuduku/Khula Village (Zulu umuzi/homestead, isangoma/fortune teller, schools and community cultural events);
  • Shopping Tours;
  • Nightlife Entertainment in St Lucia and surroundings; and
  • Craft collection – we know the best places.
  • Game and Nature Tours:
  • Open Game Drives – Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park;
  • Day and night drives – iSimangaliso Wetland Park (World Heritage Site);
  • Snorkelling – Cape Vidal (iSimangaliso Wetland Park);
  • Nature Walking tours;
  • Boat Cruise @ Lake St Lucia; and
  • Whale-watching through legal permit holder Ocean Experience.
  • Freedom Tours:
  • iSimangaliso before and after 1994; and
  • 121 Battalion Tours – learn about the army and its contribution to our democracy.


Transfers all around KwaZulu-Natal and beyond.

Snippet of Zulu history

The Zulus are a proud nation with a colourful past. The most well-known aspect of this is probably the reign of Shaka – the greatest warrior chief in Zulu history. During his reign, Shaka conquered most of KwaZulu-Natal – and while many recall his bravery and strength, he was also notable for his tyranny. Shaka devised and improved upon the close-contact stabbing spear (assegai), giving it a shorter handle and longer, broader blade – which contributed immensely to his success in various wars.

To provide quality spears for his warriors, Shaka and his chosen workers had to learn the art of metal work from the Portuguese in Mozambique. These metal workers were hidden in the Duku-Duku forests (near St Lucia), where their knowledge was kept a secret.

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