Fantasy Garden

Elias Molefe, from Ledig near Sun City, was retrenched from his job many years ago. That is when he decided to take his residential stand in a township and turn it into a startlingly original attraction for the many tourists who pass the township on their way to Pilanesberg Game Reserve and Sun City.

Working with plants, discarded items, old bottles and hundreds of electric globes, he created a theme garden that should not be missed. Elias’ heart and soul positively radiates from every cranny, and since the garden is flood-lit it is visitable at night as well as by day. This talented man keeps a close eye at events taking place at Sun City and tweaks his garden to match. He is especially proud of his Ernie Els Garden (photo), because the South African golfing superstar took the time to come and visit the garden, and donated some of his winnings from the Million Dollar Challenge to Elias.

Amongst the exhibits is a garden dedicated to the memory of Lady Diana – “a wonderful caring person” according to Elias.

Other Fantasy Garden themes include:

  • Child abuse – Highlights the rights of children;
  • Women’s Rights Mountain – “Our loved ones like this one a lot,” Elias says, “because it is about their rights”;
  • Arrive Alive – Responsible drivers know more about this;
  • Dragon – Tells the story of the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by atomic bombs;
  • Terror in America – Reflects the events of 11 September 2001;
  • HIV AIDS Hill – Identifies with those suffering from this dreaded disease; and
  • The Role Models – Features Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ernie Els, Lady Diana and many more.

Elias’ main income is from donations from tourists and visitors, plus the sale of curios made by local craftsmen. Determined to make a future for himself and his family, he has taken all his negative circumstances and then transformed them into positives.

As he remarks: “From other people’s junk, I create my own income”.

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