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The day democracy finally dawned in South Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke with great excitement about the ‘Rainbow People’ in describing the wondrous diversity of the country’s languages and cultures. The ‘Coloured Experience’ enables visitors to KwaZulu-Natal to gain a better insight into the truly multi-racial community of South Africa, the ‘coloureds’ – who are not only located in the Western Cape. 

The ‘Coloured Experience’ is a four hour tour (accommodating a maximum of 6 people) that takes visitors through the Bluff area and the township of Wentworth. The tour reveals the beginnings of the township from 1959 due to the Group Areas Act that brought about forced removals. Visitors will learn about the ‘White City’ that accommodated ‘coloured’ employees of SA Railways – who were moved to ‘Noddy Town’. Tour guests will also learn about the Zanzebani settlement that was left untouched because the land was in a trust to the community, who were moved to Bayview in Chatsworth. 

The former war prison (now used by the physically challenged), the former radar-training centre (now an environmental education centre) and the lookout point are also visited on the tour. The former Alan Taylor Residence (renowned for its student resident Steve Biko) and various housing projects developed by the Apartheid Government are also worth a visit. Meeting the local ‘coloured‘ people is a treat as the tour ends at the home of one of the oldest residents of the area, where guests can enjoy bunny chow and other refreshments while listening to real stories from real people.

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