Golden Leopards Resorts

Golden Leopard Resorts offer some of the finest accommodation in the North West Province, including the renowned Bakgatla and Manyane resorts.

A Tribe’s tale:

In the 16th century the Bakgatla, who, like other tribes who had ventured southwards through Africa into what today is South Africa, divided into four groups. Around 1700, Kgosi Mogale, chief of the Bakgatla tribe, moved from the present Pretoria district to the present Hammanskraal. He had one son, who in turn had a daughter, Mosetlha. She was borne by his senior wife. But it was from the second, ‘lesser’, hut that a male scion, Kgafela (‘Son to the Chief’), was born.

According to African custom, it was believed that only a male could be head of the tribe. This caused the Bakgatla to split into two sections. The Morafe faction defied tradition and acknowledged Mosetlha as their chief. But their brethren refused to be ruled by a woman and decreed that Kgafela, though borne from the second hut, must be chief. And so Kgafela and his supporters had to leave the tribe. They settled first at the Crocodile River, and then, during the invasion by Mzilikazi, the Zulu chief, moved to the present Pilanesberg Mountains where they reside to this day.

Many years later the Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela took the unusual step of acknowledging that they were lower in status to the Bakgatla-ba-Mosetlha, as Mosethla was from the first hut of the chief. This paved the way for the reconciliation of the Mosetlha and Kgafela, though they continued to live in different areas.

With their capital in the Pilanesberg, the Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela today receive a certain percentage of revenue from the Park as part of the deal to co-operate and live in harmony with the reserve.

  • Bakgatla Resort, located in the north-eastern part of Pilanesberg National Park at the foot of the Garamoga Hills, consists of unique Colonial-style self-catering chalets. Each unit has a lounge, fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and ever-popular upstairs loft bedroom. Rolling lawns and a well positioned swimming pool complement the facilities. The interior is well appointed and tastefully furnished.

The Bakgatla Resort offers relaxation and much more for the outdoor enthusiast, such as self-guided or conducted game drives, birding and excursions in and around the Pilanesberg National Park.

  • Manyane Resort is situated in the eastern part of the Pilanesberg National Park, in unspoilt natural surroundings just 20 minutes from Sun City and 2 hours from Johannesburg.

The thatched African-style chalets are luxurious, well appointed with one or two bedrooms including lounge, fully equipped kitchen and in certain chalets upstairs loft bedroom.

Manyane is synonymous with tranquillity and relaxation. Activities and amenities include a putt-putt course, aviary, 4×4 track, conference facilities, self-guided or conducted game drives and a self guided walking trails area.

Both Manyane and Bakgatla have superbly-equipped conference facilities, which are equally suitable for major events and small gatherings. For more information on these resorts, visit their website.

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