Heidehof Fynbos Nature Trails

Heidehof Fynbos and Nature Trails offers guided tours in limestone hills with its particular and pristine flora and views over Dyer Island. The two trails are guided and educational – concerning flora, fauna and fynbos medicinal plants.  Groups of three to ten people are welcome by prior arrangement. Guests should bring their own snacks. Heidehof offers you a beer, wine, tea or coffee on the house.

Mathia has recently written a book about the uses of some of the Southern Overberg Fynbos plants. She also distils some of these plants to make five different moisturizing creams that are good for the skin and have no preservatives or colourants.

The Schweglers tell their story:

“When we bought the farm it was for its beauty. Walter and our daughter Nayna started to farm flowers – mainly Proteaceae and Bruniaceae (visitors can also see the orchards with a guide)”.

Mathia’s interests were with the wild flowers and the Fynbos. Studying books on Fynbos plants, she discovered that many plants had medicinal values. The Southern Overberg Fynbos Route Forum asked Mathia to give a talk on these medicinal Fynbos plants. From one talk to another and much research, the book was published. She takes tourists on the nature walks to teach on the Fynbos and medicinal plants. Having studied aromatherapy this motivated her to make the creams from distilled medicinal Fynbos plants.

Heidehof Fynbos Nature Trails is part of the Walkerbay Fynbos Conservancy.

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