Ibenstein Weavers

For over 50 years, Ibenstein Weavers have been producing 100% hand-made carpets and wall hangings from 100% Namibian karakul wool. Now managed by the third generation, Anne and Wolfgang Ramdohr, Ibenstein Weavers is the oldest weaving centre in southern Africa. Over the years, a small village has developed at Klein Ibenstein, and a number of different ethnic groups live here in harmony. Today, Ibenstein Weavers provides a livelihood for over 100 people, and the settlement includes a playschool.

Visitors are always welcome at Klein Ibenstein – come to see the development of a pure karakul wool carpet from the spinning and dyeing of raw wool to the weaving of the finished work of art. Klein Ibenstein specialises in custom-made carpets – you can choose the size and colour of your carpet, or even provide your own design.

Their collection of over 400 designs ranges from traditional animal to abstract imagery, and the weavers contribute many of their own designs.

Their exciting new fabric range uses only the finest undyed yarns made of natural fibres – mostly produced in southern Africa – including wild silk from the Kalahari, flax, cotton and bamboo. Fabrics as natural as the Namibian environment. Naturally.

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