Kalahari Anib Lodge

In the midst of the red dunes of the Kalahari Desert, the Kalahari Anib Lodge rises like a lush green oasis, the infrastructure arranged around a shaded courtyard with a large swimming pool. The lodge makes for an ideal stopover on the way south.


  •  36 double rooms for tour groups and nine rooms for individual travellers;
  •   Indoor and al fresco restaurant; and
  •   Swimming pool.


  •  Join a drive through Gondwana Kalahari Park at sunrise or around sunset;
  •  Bird-watching;
  •  Spend time watching vultures and marabou storks at the feeding place for carrion birds;
  •  Explore the Kalahari on foot by following one of our hiking trails.

Gondwana Kalahari Park:

The Kalahari – green acacias and yellow grass starkly contrast with the red oxidised sand of Kalahari dunes that extend over hundreds of kilometres. Gondwana Kalahari Park will provide you with unforgettable impressions of the largest continuous stretch of sand on earth. The park is 100km² in size and situated 30km north-east of Mariental. Animals like springbok, oryx (gemsbok) and ostrich as well as jackal, hares and porcupine inhabit the dunes and dune valleys, referred to as ‘streets‘. Visitors have to opportunity to photograph the kori bustard – the largest flying bird of all, and colonies of weaver birds’ nests that often engulf entire trees.

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