Kenton Tourism

Kenton Tourism has a variety of brochures on offer. They also have local craftwork on display. These works are offered for sale and can be ordered on request.

Kenton Tourism conducts tours and offer general tour guiding in the area. They can give advice on local activities and recommendations for accommodation.

The Kenton Tourism website offers over 100 listings of accommodation available in the area and a multitude of business/restaurants etc.   It is the hub of Kenton-on-Sea, Bushmans River Mouth, Boknes and Cannon Rocks and enjoys the number one position on Google using a variety of different keywords and keyword phrases.

What the area has to offer:

  • Besides the natural beauty of the rivers and beaches, there is a multitude of activities to enjoy:
  • Kite surfing at Cannon Rocks;
  • KentonXtreme – Annual sporting event for the whole family;
  • Fishing competitions;
  • Heritage sites;
  • Township tours;
  • Arts & Artifacts;
  • Adventure tours;
  • Boating;
  • Game viewing;
  • Hiking trails.

The website is owned by the Kenton/Bushmans Chamber of Business and Tourism, whose vision is to provide a common business voice, to promote responsible tourism, to assist its members to provide a shop window for their products, and to co-ordinate activities with other bodies.

Tourism: We are the business community’s conduit to the wider business of tourism development through our membership of and participation in the Sunshine Coast Tourism and Events Authority. This in turn is Ndlambe Municipality’s partner in local tourism development, with links to Cacadu District Municipality and the government department of East Cape Tourism, and opportunities of funding to promote Route 72.

Business: The local municipality system in South Africa provides for Ward Committees to participate in the governance of local communities. This includes any matters pertaining to business and tourism. Representatives of the Chamber’s Executive serve on the appropriate Ward Committees. They contribute to the governance process and keep a watching brief over relevant matters. Membership gives you direct and combined access to the process.

Other local organisations: We ensure co-ordination and co-operation with other local organisations such as KOSRA and BRRAG (the local Ratepayers Associations), Coastal Care, B&B Association and Safety and Security through cross-representation and working together on common projects.

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