Koms Quiver Tree Nursery

Koms Quiver Tree Nursery offers a protected species of flora – the Quiver tree (Aloe dichotoma, Aloe pillansii, Aloe ramosissima) for sale to the general public.

This is under license from the Department of Environment and Nature Conservation. Enjoy a unique insight into the history and care of this very special tree from a lifetime passionate grower, Marina.

Koms Quiver Tree Nursery stocks a range of different aged trees from seedlings to over a meter high (approximately seven years). Koms Quiver Tree Nursery has a wide geographically ranged client base and can accomodate telephonic or emailed orders to anywhere in the world. The required export/import permits will be arranged for you by our helpful and skilled staff.

Come and enjoy a cup of coffee with us when shopping for your very own special tree.

Koms Quiver Tree Nursery is 10 years old. These photos are of the original trees grown from seed when the nursery was established in 2005.  They have grown to an estimated 1.5 m during the 10 years.


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