Little Paradise Homestay

Little Paradise Homestay is a collection of three homestays and they all serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Traditional food is served and specialities include roast chicken, baked potatoes and salad or veggies (freshly picked from the organic garden) and pap en vleis; custard (from the fresh cows milk) ends off the meal. For breakfast there is tomato smoor, oven bread and fresh farm eggs. Maureen’s cooking will ensure that no one leaves hungry!

Maureen can accompany guests on walks in the forest, along the riverbed and on a trip to the dam (where you can swim). The evenings can be spent with the family – playing ludo, dominoes or learning how to milk the family cow. There might even be a community gathering, where the local people sing, play guitar and tell stories.


  • They offer spectacular indigenous forest trails;
  • Beautiful birdlife;
  • Waterfalls;
  • The local community offers hairstyling and braiding services; and
  • Break dance concerts can be arranged.
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