Londolozi Private Game Reserve

Londolozi Private Game Reserve is located in the Sabi Sand Reserve – the oldest private game reserve in South Africa, renowned for world class game-viewing of the Big 5, as well as being the top destination for close-up viewing of leopard. Sabi Sand Reserve shares a 50km unfenced border with the famous Kruger National Park, allowing wildlife to traverse freely across the African landscape, following ancient migratory routes and existing in the purest and most natural state.

Londolozi Private Game Reserve is part of the Open Africa Safari Collection, a selection of handpicked safari lodges that are committed to the conservation of African wildlife, the environment and the development of local communities while offering authentic big game safari experiences. All our partners share revenue with Open Africa (at no extra cost to the traveller) thereby empowering you to be a responsible tourist. For enquiries and bookings please e-mail bronwen@openafrica.org.

Safari Experience at Londolozi Game Reserve:

As the oldest private game reserve in South Africa with an 82 year history, it is safe to say that Londolozi is one of the pioneering leaders in providing the ultimate safari experience. With the turn of the millennium, a new kind of African safari is being explored with focus on excitement, enjoyment, engagement and experience. At Londolozi Private Game Reserve, a skilled team of rangers, trackers and naturalists will ensure a day of thrilling, close-up viewing of African wildlife and educate you on the intricacies of the bushveld, revealing past experiences and old African folklore.

Authentic Big Game Africa Safaris:

Amazing once-in-a-lifetime photographic opportunities will present themselves, so be ready to capture the famous Big 5 on camera, as well as other amazing wildlife species at Londolozi Game Reserve. Many trackers and rangers at Londolozi originate from the area, and therefore have an extensive knowledge of and passion for the bush. With 16 000 hectares of unspoilt African land, each safari is unique and guests will view an abundance of wildlife such as lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, cheetah, antelope, zebra, giraffe and much more.

On open safari vehicles, guests will experience thrilling close-up game-viewing of the Big 5 – lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo, as well as myriads of other indigenous species such as cheetah, hippo, wild dog, zebra and giraffe. With a strong commitment to wildlife conservation, as well as to the local communities, guests can rest assured that their safari experience at Londolozi will turn full circle, feeding back into social and conservation initiatives.

In 2011 Land Rover unveiled their cutting edge electric game drive vehicle, heralding a significant highlight for sustainable tourism and zero emissions safaris. The Londolozi General Manager, Stoff Kane-Berman, had for the previous three years been working on converting a Land Rover into a zero emissions safari vehicle, and the third prototype was already in service by 2011. Naturally, the commercial availability of Land Rovers electric model was fantastic news for Londolozi Game Reserve which has since incorporated the model into its fleet. The electric vehicle comprises a battery system, and allows for the same power and maneuverability as traditional models. The battery can be charged at a conventional plug point, and Londolozi is incorporating solar panels so that recharging is clean. The electric models are also silent, minimizing the disruption of wildlife.

Wildlife Conservation & Social Upliftment:

In partnership with Open Africa for sustainable tourism:

Londolozi Private Game Reserve derived its name from the Zulu word meaning “protector of all living things” and it is this name that is the basis of a holistic philosophy encompassing wise land use and honor for all persons and species. Londolozi is proud to be part of the new global force which is beginning to restore the planet for future generations, and is greatly encouraged by the recent successes of ecotourism and the expansion of game parks.

At Londolozi ecotourism means the perfect balance between using nature and protecting it. It is not conducive to conservation efforts to overburden the land with human development geared toward ecotourism, as this defeats the object of ecotourism itself. As such, the core goals at Londolozi are to reduce the ecological footprint of the lodges while increasing the area of protected land and harnessing the inherent value of the African bush.

In 1926 the great grandfathers of the Varty and Taylor families purchased the first portion of what is now Londolozi Private Game Reserve. The first camp was set up on the banks of the Sand River and became a prime hunting location and leisure retreat for the rich and the famous. In the 1970s however, third generation siblings John, Dave and Shan Varty restructured the philosophies and goals of the game reserve, gearing them toward conservation of indigenous African wildlife. Where previously the value of an animal was determined by the risk of hunting it, value became centered on abundance and biodiversity. The farm became Londolozi, meaning ‘to protect’ and has since become a leader in world class safari, ecotourism and modern conservation.

Londolozi Private Game Reserve has built a successful equilibrium between social development and wildlife conservation, showing the world that sustainable development based on ecotourism is not only viable, but greatly desirable for all. With the new millennium, Londolozi seeks to promote greater awareness and appreciation of our own relationship with nature, so that we can live in service of others within the limits and laws of nature. Londolozi Game Reserve has identified some holistic and far-reaching goals including the expansion of wildlife conservation areas; greater appreciation and use of southern African rivers; and the creation of opportunity for those disabled by bad land use practices.

Wildlife conservation at Londolozi Private Game Reserve in the last few decades has included the restoration of land to its natural abundance. Some projects have included the recreation of river systems, restoration of natural drainage lines, and repopulation of indigenous plants and animals. The restoration process has since been replaced with a land care program to ensure sustainable wildlife management. Some of the routine projects include micro-catchment management (aiding water retention of the land), alien plant control, and bush clearing for the maintenance of biodiversity. These projects also aid by providing employment opportunities to the local community.

Accommodation at Londolozi Game Reserve:

Londolozi Private Game Reserve offers not only the best in game viewing, but also the best in luxury safari lodge accommodation. Fine wine, gourmet cuisine, opulent suites and warm hospitality are what make three of our five lodges part of the elite hotel group, Relais and Chateaux. The crème de la crème of safari lodges at Londolozi are the private Granite Suites, followed by Pioneer Camp and Tree Camp. These luxury suites are ideal for romantic safari getaways, with Pioneer Camp, as well as Varty Camp and Founders Camp being perfect for families and small groups.

Varty Camp:

Varty Camp is the home and heart of Londolozi Game Reserve, making it perfect for families and friends alike. The camp has behind it 85 years of history, making it a place rich with history and culture. These themes are reflected in the design and furnishings at Varty Camp which presents to guests the patterns, textures and beauty of nature.

Raised living spaces make for beautiful views, and so too do the private viewing decks of each suite. Each suite is also privy to its own swimming pool for enjoyment under the shady trees and warm African sun. Varty Camp is also home to the Londolozi boutique, fitness centre, massage treatment room, and library as well as the original Sparta Hunting Camp. These facilities are open to the entire reserve, and guests from other camps are welcome.

Varty Camp is the perfect safari retreat for family holidays; however children under 4 years are not permitted.

Rates Superior Chalets from R6750 and Chalets from R5625 per person per night sharing.

Tree Camp:

Tree Camp is a beautiful safari sanctuary set among the tall treetops overlooking the river below. Here guests can enjoy a luxurious contemporary setting perfectly combined with an authentic safari experience as well as fine dining and an opulent range of facilities and luxuries. Suites offer magnificent panoramic views and guests are treated to private swimming pools and viewing decks.

Tree Camp Suites can be booked individually making it perfect for romantic safari getaways, or as a whole making it perfect for smaller travelling groups. Children under 16 are not permitted, unless they are part of a group booking.

Rates from R8995 per person per night sharing.

Pioneer Camp:

Pioneer Camp is the culmination of 40 years of design experience in the safari industry, and is a modern masterpiece combining contemporary architecture with nature’s best. The camp is made up of three exclusive and secluded river suites (perfect for honeymoon getaways) but, through the use of linking glass sky walkways, can be converted into a private bush home for between 6 and 14 people.

Suites are an opulent blend of luxury and style, with large glass windows and doors for a perfect safari view. Each suite is furnished with en-suite bathrooms designed in a classic Victorian style, and finished in marble, chrome and mahogany. The lounge, living area, and bar are open to the wild, leading onto a large safari viewing deck.

Pioneers Camp is the perfect safari retreat for family holidays; however children under 4 years are not permitted.

Rates from R8955 per person per night sharing.

Granite Suites:

Made up of three luxurious suites, this beautiful safari lodge destination offers exclusivity and privacy, surrounding guests with luxurious facilities and amazing river vistas. Interior décor mirrors the riverside exterior of granite banks on the Sand River. With large glass windows and doors, the lodge is perfectly integrated with its surroundings and offers guests the pleasure of being indoors as well as the pleasure of outdoor beauty.

The suites are furnished in a modern blend of silver, charcoal and grey combined with the African textures of earth and rock. Each suite has its own private heated swimming pool, as well as a glass encased en-suite bathroom complete with an outdoor shower, as well as an outdoor bath overlooking the river for the most relaxing safari experience to date!

Granite Suites can be booked individually making it perfect for romantic safari getaways, or as a whole making it perfect for smaller travelling groups of up to six people. Children under 16 are not permitted, unless they are part of a group booking.

Rates from R9855 per person per night sharing.

Founders Camp:

Founders Camp is a tribute to our past staff and guests who have over the last 30 years helped create the Londolozi legacy of top-class luxury safari accommodation. Founders Camp is also a celebration of the present, and is set on the banks of the abundant Sand River in the shade of the soaring Ebony and Matumi Trees.

This combination of old and new is expressed in the décor, which is an authentic blend of classic styles in black and cream combined with the rich, earthy textures of African safari life. Thatch roofs and wooden furnishings swathed in neutral colours and luxurious fabrics make for a warm atmosphere and our friendly staff will ensure a welcome and relaxing stay. At the Riverside Lounge enjoy a sumptuous fireside banquet and some of South Africa’s finest wines.

Founders Camp is the perfect safari retreat for family holidays; however children under 4 years are not permitted.

Rates superior Suites from R6750 and chalets from R5625 per person per night sharing.

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