Mantenga Craft Centre

Mantenga Craft Centre was founded in 1975 as a donor project to develop handicraft in Swaziland. Today the centre is the focal point and retail outlet for a number of projects that grew from this era.

With sixteen different art and craft shops, as well as the Ezulwini Tourist office, Swazi Trails offices and Ezulwini Health and Snack Bar, the centre has become a hub of tourism activity in the Ezulwini Valley and is the largest formal market in the country.

Mantenga Craft is known for its extensive range of house and home furnishings, jewellery and quality handcrafted gifts, which include ranges from various talented craftsmen such handmade candles, decorated glassware, printed tableware and the classic HAWU! Pots. Weavers, Rosecraft, specialise in hand-woven mohair products such as shawls, bags and lampshades whilst Shiba Handcraft produce 100% cotton woven rugs, bath mats and table mats.

Phumalanga Swazihand are weavers of shawls and scarves with the famous mohair wall hangings and paintings from celebrated artist Albert Reck. Other items to be found are the local African Fantasy range of printed T-shirt, ceramics printed mugs and plates, posters, and mobiles – all with fun designs.

Africa Kayalami is the outlet for artist Curtis Dube and contains cushions covers, table clothes, T-shirts and original canvases all by the artist.

Southern Country specialise in leather product such as boots, shoes, bags, belts and small gift items and Mbiza Craft is a display of soapstone carvings of various sizes animals and ornaments.

Kaya Craft has a variety of handmade crafts ranging from sisal woven baskets, beaded jewellery, wooden toys, and Umgolo is the place for crafts made from natural materials such as Mulberry bark photo albums and coconut wood diaries.  Gold and silver jewellery is the preserve of the Little Silver Shop as well as Francis Farrell Design Studio.

The Mantenga Craft Centre is open from 08:00-17:00 daily throughout the year.

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